Get the most out of your

Digital Presence

We at ODB take into account your needs and tailor the project
content according to purpose and goals.

What we do

All types of digital solutions for your company


Web Design

Designing a website for your business consists of much more than just a mixture of correct fonts, colors and shapes. ODB builds websites from scratch and works with comprehensive web solutions. We simply take your vision and make it a concrete product available to your customers.

Graphic Design

We develop graphic design for both your website and your traditional marketing material. We also help you with flyers and ads or with your logo, whether you want a brand new or need your refreshment current.

Photographing and content

We help you with the website content and other material. We gladly visit your company to get an insight and then be able to design appropriate content and layout.

Landing Page Design

We also do landing page design. If you do not currently need a full web page but more like a page where your potential customers get to know you and find contact information about you, will we help you with that.  We help you to find the correct solution that suits you best for your situation.



We develop tailor-made platforms for your e-commerce. By choosing us to develop e-commerce, you can ensure that you have chosen a team of developers who also possess experience in pushing a hand.  Which is adding value to your development of your trading platform.

Are you thinking about starting a online business? Please contact us and we will discuss further what would be the best solution for you. 


More and more of today's trade is moved to the web. By developing a webshop, you place your store online and allow your customers to access your products regardless of time or place.

Product Photography

You need photos of the products that you offer in your webshop. We have experience in this and will offer you help.


Web hosting

When you have a website, a web host is required, unless you have your own server. We are responsible for this and it is nothing you as a customer need to think about.

Our web hosting company enables domain, domain name, secure websites, email services tailored to the company and many other features.

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